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You’re B Corp certified: now what?

B Corp certification cannot be the end goal of your impact strategy. It’s a start. A solid foundation for an impact strategy and roadmap. We’ll explain how to improve your impact and upgrade your score whenever you have to recertify.

Why is this important?

The BIA as a roadmap for change

Learn how to use the B Impact Assessment and other B Lab tools to optimize your impact strategy and roadmap.

Inspirational fellow B Corp examples

Get inspired by fellow B Corps leading the way.

Prepare for recertification

Make sure you’re ready to maintain or, even better, upgrade your score whenever you need to recertify.

Training options



    A short, inspiring session in which we’ll explain why and how to improve your company’s impact using B Lab’s tools.

    What to expect?

    • Why is it important to keep improving your impact?

    • Inspirational examples from fellow B Corps

    • How can the B Impact Assessment and other B Lab tools help you to improve your impact strategy and roadmap?

    Speaker Information

    Diana J. Garcia
    Managing Director

    Diana combines international B Corp, business development & marketing experience to help us foster partnerships for impact. With experience working at B Lab Toronto and as a certified B Leader, she knows what it takes to get you B Corp certified.

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