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You’re B Corp certified: now what?

B Corp certification cannot be the end goal of your impact strategy. It’s a start. A solid foundation for an impact strategy and roadmap. We’ll explain how to improve your impact and upgrade your score whenever you have to recertify.

Why is this important?

  • The BIA as a roadmap for change

    Learn how to use the B Impact Assessment and other B Lab tools to optimize your impact strategy and roadmap.

  • Inspirational fellow B Corp examples

    Get inspired by fellow B Corps leading the way.

  • Prepare for recertification

    Make sure you’re ready to maintain or, even better, upgrade your score whenever you need to recertify.

Training options

  • Time indication: 30 - 60 minutes


    A short, inspiring session in which we’ll explain why and how to improve your company’s impact using B Lab’s tools.

    What to expect?

    • Why is it important to keep improving your impact?

    • Inspirational examples from fellow B Corps

    • How can the B Impact Assessment and other B Lab tools help you to improve your impact strategy and roadmap?

    Speaker Information


    Diana J. Garcia

    Head of Growth & B Corp certification

    Diana combines international B Corp, business development & marketing experience to help us foster partnerships for impact. With experience working at B Lab Toronto and as a certified B Leader, she knows what it takes to get you B Corp certified.

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