Fundraising tactics for NGOs and NPOs

Want to elevate and expand your fundraising efforts? We’ll show you fundraising best practices from all around the world and help you select the best tactics for your organization.

Why is this important?

Accelerating Impact

Create sustainable income streams

Learn how to create a sustainable source of income that will allow you to grow your impact.

Learn from the best

We’ve analyzed the fundraising tactics of over 60 NGOs and NPOs. We present our key learnings to you.

Tailored to your organization

We help you find the right tactics for your organization.

Training options



    A short, inspiring session in which we’ll explain the key fundraising tactics used by nonprofits and NGOs all around the world.

    What to expect?

    • An extensive list of B2B and B2C fundraising tactics

    • A changed mindset about fundraising

    • Inspiring cases studies from best performers



    A workshop fully tailored to your organization. First we inspire you with tons of insights and best practices and then we jointly select the fundraising tactics that best suit your organization.

    What to expect?

    • An extensive summary of our research on the fundraising tactics of +60 NPOs and NGOs

    • Inspiring insights and case studies from best performers

    • A changed mindset about fundraising

    • +40 B2B and B2C fundraising tactics

    • A fundraising tactics roadmap tailored to your organization

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