De-risking Impact Innovation

Innovation can be expensive and risky, making it difficult to successfully embed truly transformational concepts internally. And yet, pushing for impactful innovation can be the key to radically scaling an organization’s positive impact. We can help you build the right solutions and test product-market fit, so you dare to take the leap, reap the rewards, and continue to challenge the norms within your industry.

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How do we help?

We can ideate new impactful concepts for your organization or we can help you select the right ideas to focus on, always balancing out organizational, stakeholder, and planetary needs. Our main goal: lower the risk for you to make an impactful next move. Minimize risk, maximize return.

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    Ideation and Discovery

    We explore customer and market needs and balance them out with your organizational strategy and goals. This will allow us to map trends, assumptions, risks and opportunities and ideate compelling value propositions.

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    Experimentation and Market Validation

    This step is all about minimizing risk and optimizing returns. We test your potential new propositions and provide you with the stakeholder insights you need to make effective decisions. The goal: to find a clear product-market fit for your new proposition.

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    Implementation and Scaling

    We can help you build an MVP, integrate and market your new value proposition, and set you up for sustainable growth.

Key outcomes

Embed Impact Innovation in Your Business

Hit the impact innovation sweet spot by ensuring ideas turn into innovative solutions that are desirable, viable, feasible and impactful.

Minimized Risks, Maximized Returns

We validate market interest for impact innovations before you have to make big investments to turn your ideas into reality. We lower the risk for you to make a bold, impactful move.

An Impactful and Validated Value Proposition

The result can be a completely new service, product, or maybe even a new venture or department. We make sure it improves your image, sustainability and organizational performance.

Client results

Pushing circular textile within EU consortium

Regions for Green Textiles – known as RegioGreenTex – is a partnership initiative aiming at mapping and reducing the pitfalls that currently exist in the implementation of a circular economy model within the textile ecosystem across the EU.

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