What is an Impact Design Studio?

In recent years, global sustainability issues have become increasingly compelling. Especially since the UN launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—which redefined the very concept of sustainability—companies have been pressured into rethinking their impact strategies.

However, while sustainability is a major concern in all areas, from energy to food to fashion, many would say it has quickly become just another buzzword. As active players in the sustainability space, Quest Impact Design Studio feels like the word has lost all meaning. Companies, organizations, and brands are all rushing to polish their green credentials to keep themselves relevant, without most having any real interest in sustainability.

Quest Impact Design Studio

As the demand for sustainability has rapidly increased, the number of sustainability agencies, ESG consultancies, climate action firms—you name it—has grown exponentially. But not all sustainable consulting firms are created equal. Some have the right intentions, many are not doing enough, and some are blatantly greenwashing. 

Founded in 2018 to openly combat greenwashing, Quest Impact Design Studio uses strategy and design as a force for good. But why do we call ourselves an impact design studio?

Impact Design

We view positive impact as an all-encompassing approach. While environmental issues are the most impending concern for the greater good, they cannot be the end-all solution. We have to take care of our communities, our people, and the way we run our businesses. For the planet and for people. For us, impact design literally means designing a sustainable future to align planet, people, and profit. We use impact design to build impactful systems that drive change through strategy and design.

We enact and advocate for positive impact by applying design thinking principles. Our Impact Design Thinking approach combines a holistic, customer-centric perspective with a sustainability-focused mindset. We use impact design thinking to develop creative and innovative strategies that are tailored to our client’s business goals and reflect their sustainable consciousness. 

We do this by learning first-hand from our clients. Instead of offering pre-packaged solutions, we take the time to find out what your business really needs. Quest Impact Scan gives organizations a complete overview of their sustainability practice by interviewing employees from all relevant departments. Then, based on user and employee insights, Quest Impact Accelerator aligns business efficiency and profitability: we co-create actionable impact strategies while upholding your company’s bottom line.

What to drive positive impact with us?

Change-making customers only

At Quest, our main KPI is scaling positive impact. That’s why it’s our core policy to provide our expertise only to the “right” customers and projects. Those who truly want to ignite positive change. Ultimately, our work focuses on supporting our customers in growing and accelerating their businesses. It would be counterproductive to support companies whose businesses harm the planet and people. Not to mention that by doing so, we would miss the goals we have set for ourselves. 

That’s why we believe effective communication surrounding sustainable practices should be a priority for all impact-driven companies. Sustainability reporting allows companies to be more transparent and provides stakeholders and customers better insight into performance beyond the bottom line. Quest Impact Reporting helps companies become familiar with different reporting frameworks and standards and select the most relevant one depending on the sector and stakeholders.

As leading impact consultants, we helped Full Cycle design a more impactful brand presence. The California-based biotechnology company addresses three major global issues: plastic pollution, food waste, and climate change by converting organic waste into PHA, a compostable alternative to oil-based plastics. Quest Studio accelerated the company’s brand presence by refreshing its visual identity. The rebranding included simplifying its solutions to reinforce Full Cycle’s image and stance. Ultimately, the new website we developed facilitated the sales process and provided the company with new funds to further accelerate its impactful solutions.

B Corp Certification

B Lab is the nonprofit network transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. The international network became known for certifying B Corporations, companies that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. As a certified B Corporation, we see the B Corp certification as an opportunity to further harness the power of impact design. As part of this global community of businesses, we are addressing society’s greatest challenges collectively to enact positive change

At Quest, we are committed to continuing to drive the global B Corp initiative forward. Through our Quest B Corp (Re)Certification, we help organizations determine if B Corp certification aligns with their broader impact strategy, providing intensive training and scaling their current social and environmental impact, all while providing full access to expert guidance and tools.

Quest Studio is also part of B Corp Way, a platform that enables businesses to find B Corp consultancies that can help them address impact challenges. As B Lab’s selected partner in Belgium, we offer mentorship focused on scaling impact through services like Radical Transformation and Marketing. 

Unsure if B Corp is right for your business?

As a certified B Corp, we have the privilege of knowing the community from the inside and have experienced the credibility and the power this collective movement is making across the globe.

Quest Impact Academy 

Ultimately, impact design is all about shaping the future of sustainability. We are committed to mentoring and training businesses toward radical transformation. Through our Impact Academy, we create and deliver custom training and keynotes. Our coaching is focused on inspiring and developing an impact-focused mindset in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. 

In our Impact Design Thinking training, we teach employees how to apply the principles of impact design thinking and customer-centric innovation while considering the impact of an organization’s products and services. We also offer training on how to use business as a force for good. In the session, our experts present the key global trends and impact business models and inspire organizations with best practice examples.

Are you looking for measuring and scaling your sustainability actions?

Reach out to our team of sustainability experts and help us design the future of impact.

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