Optimized design for social impact

Optimized design for social impact

About Percent Pledge

Percent Pledge creates customized giving & volunteering programs that are easy for companies, engaging for employees, and transparent for both.

After creating a new visual identity that reflects their team and mission. We began helping Percent Pledge transform its public-facing website into a useful and user-friendly resource for companies looking to make a bigger impact.


They asked us to:

  • increase charity work by reinventing their website
  • simplify their offerings to engage potential leads 
  • help users navigate the website better
  • provide insight into the current user experience and journey

The Approach

Since we already understood Percent Pledge’s goals and priorities, we knew how they visualized success. Like all our other projects, we started with a few workshops to understand their key messaging, their struggles, and their vision for the future. 

We were joined by a variety of different departments to understand their core business goals and evaluate their position in the market using our competitor research.

We went through a series of user interviews and user testing to understand the gap between the goals Percent Pledge wants to communicate and how the organization is perceived. Through these insights, we supported the team by optimizing their customer’s journey and simplifying their solutions.

Spotlighting social impact through SEO

Last but not least, the final step in this design phase was to match the illustrations to their actionable solutions. We collaborated with Percent Pledge and our partners on keyword research and strategy to be able to optimize its presence online through copywriting. Once all web copy was optimized and we had a clear keyword strategy in place, we linked their custom illustrations back into the design to help social impact stand out.

Can’t get enough? Neither can we! Visit Percent Pledge’s updated website to explore its social impact projects!

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