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Politics has an important role to play in tackling climate change, but so do businesses. New technologies that help reduce our emissions, and innovate current industries are emerging daily. And we want to help them scale their impact asap.

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Are you building, launching or scaling a solution that helps to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions? It's our mission to help you grow your impact.

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A new logo and visual identity for Full Cycle

Full Cycle bioplastics, a California-based biotechnology company tackling plastic pollution, climate change and food waste all at once, asked us to create a new brand and visual identity for their company.

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A visual identity and website for the most ambitious blueprint for circular fashion

New Cotton Project, an ambitious consortium of 12 organizations spanning 7 countries, received 6 million EUR of the European Union to create a circular fashion industry blueprint. We were asked to create a visual identity and website for the consortium.

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A lead generating website for a Californian climate tech scale up

Full Cycle, a California-based biotechnology scale-up turning organic waste into bioplastics asked us to create a website that brings them more relevant leads.

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Accelerating the development of sustainable PHA

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